Mellifluous dirge; my comforter comes. Part 1

It is baffling – very shocking – how day turns to night within the blink of an eye. How white fades to dirty carbon black. How a once blossoming rose withers, grayish, colourless even. How joy drifts to sorrows. How a happy face folds to a pale one. How a blissful moment turns cold. How... Continue Reading →



/`e:dzalo/ Yoruba, Noun, an army of ants, usually travelling in a file. The day they attacked, it was drastic. I always did dishes very close to the house. That afternoon, Mama shouted: “Moved away from the yard. The oil and pepper in the dish water would attract ijalo!” But I didn’t listen. “It’s not raining season. Ijalo won’t... Continue Reading →

The Pain You Bear

The Pain You Bear The pain you bear in your heart you can’t say You can’t say not because you don’t want to You can’t say because you can’t say The veil you wear over your face you can’t tear It’s not yours alone, it’s your ancestors’ It’s not yours alone it’s the whole clan’s... Continue Reading →

Why do Humans Mess sef?

So, one fateful day, I ate beans and egg and two pieces of meat for breakfast. I knew what will happen, I knew Biafra and Nigeria will repeat their war, but I wasn’t bothered. I wasn’t going anywhere, there was no plan to leave the house. As I was the only one at home, I... Continue Reading →

The Melanin Agenda

She is the innocence of nature. Green is her soil and yellow is her sky. Her womb is black, the blackness of an unrefined crude oil. She used to eat freshness from the woods. She used to drink from silver waters flowing without restrictions. She used to walk around with her breast bare and beads... Continue Reading →

Lesley Nneka Arimah: Book Readings in Abuja and Lagos

Lovers of books, make this a date!

Farafina Books

Farafina Reads_Lesley Nneka Arimah_Lagos and AbujaThis January, we’re happy to invite you to #FarafinaReads with Lesley Nneka Arimah in Abuja and Lagos. The author will be reading from her debut collection What It Means When A Man Falls From the Sky . The events will also include discussions and book signings.

What It Means When A Man Falls From the Sky has been described as ‘a rare combination of daring and nuance’ by The Guardian UK, and her writing style as ‘a blast of fresh air’ 

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